Luca Pedroni + Niton

“A mano A mano”

Luca Pedroni is an Italian musician and music teacher. He masters various genres of music from classic to jazz, to rock, fusion and experimental electronic music. He has numerous national and international collaborations with various artists, he shared the stage with many great musicians among them: Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Don Airey (Deep Purple, O.Osbourne),Pee Wee Ellis (J.Brown,Van Morrison), Hot Tuna Acoustic Trio, Larry Carlton, Bert Lams (California Guitar Trio), Francesco Baccini, Enrico Ruggeri, Edoardo Bennato, Eugenio Finardi, Davide Van de Sfroos, Nomadi, MaxiB, ReFunk. Curretly he collaborates with the singer/songwriter and internationally famous artist Sananda Maitreya(ex T.T.D. -US)(The fallen angel tour 2018/2019) (album “Live from the ruins” 2019), with the English drummer Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai), with the Greensleeves Gospel Choir, with the About time quartet (album “About Time”2017), with the “AURA Project” (ambient/electronica) (album “Luminescent” 2019) and the project “Jobi Trio” (album “Midnight sun” 2019). The project Luca presents here was born from his collaboration with the drone/ambient noise duo “Niton"
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Everything started from creative improvisation and from the sound research of the two artists: free, immersive improvisations with extended guitar, live electronics and concrete sounds.
The audience is transported in a unique and unrepeatable sound stream.
An exploration that unites listeners and musicians in a mysterious journey; a door that the sound will open in search of hidden music.
The emotional states of the listeners lead the exploration.
This experience generated a new album which collects excerpts from the “A mano A mano” concert, performed on 4th august 2019 at Museo Civico Bodini, in Gemonio Varese IT.
It was a public performance in the museum cloister, during the finissage of Samuele Arcangioli’s exhibition “A mano A mano”.

Edited by Floating Forest
Now the journey continues…


LUCA PEDRONI: electric guitar,acoustic guitar,loops,electronics

NITON: EL TOXYQUE: acoustic objects,custom prepared banjo,custom wind instruments,live electronics

LUCA XELIUS MARTEGANI: analog modular systems,analog synthesizers,analog sequencers

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